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Growing in Faith

Our "GROWING IN FAITH" campaign kicked off on January 1, 2013 as an initiative to grow the membership and increase the vitality of St. John the Evangelist church.   It's been an amazing success!  By November 2013, we already added our 100th new member of the campaign through promoting our parish in a number of ways and getting our existing members to invite others to check out our warm, welcoming faith community.   We sincerely believe that once people enter our beautiful worship space, are surrounded by people who make them feel welcome, nourish them with a message that will uplift their spirit and energize them with our upbeat music, they'll want to come back!  We've seen it happen time and again with our "GROWING IN FAITH" campaign while also reinvigorating our current members, who's enthusiasm has grown along with our parish! 

We are truly blessed to be part of this very special faith community that welcomes people back to the church and reminds them how good it is to be an active member of the catholic faith!  


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